Cortland Research, LLC has developed an affordable Energy Management System (EMS) unlike any other on the market today. A POUNCE® System is dynamic, real-time, adaptable and highly configurable. It can control loads as small as a laptop and as large as a 3-phase motor.

POUNCE® devices interact with each other by responding to stimulus from other POUNCE® devices. They also interact with occupants to improve the experience and provide seamless energy reduction. A POUNCE® system can interact with other building systems to enhance the total functionality, further improving efficiency.

Installation is as simple as replacing existing wall outlets and switches with POUNCE® outlets and switches. Configure each one to provide sensory data and control and you're done. No special wiring or remodeling is necessary.

Review historical data to continually optimize your energy consumption as your building-use changes. Understand where energy is being used and how much it contributes to your utility bill. Use POUNCE® Systems for security and preventative maintenance and receive automated alerts on your cell phone or through email.